Space-Saving Doors for Your Home


Homeowners are always looking for ways to maximize their living space. This is why finding space-saving doors is so important when it comes to renovating small rooms. If you think you’re limited to traditional doors of the universal “standard size,” then you should start thinking outside the box! Traditional doors take up both wall space and “swing space” when they are opened. Look at the door frame and determine whether or not it can accommodate a pocket slide door, accordion door, pivot door, or other option that can solve space issues. There are countless exciting space-saving doors that are both stylish and functional.

Southwestern Remodeling can help you find space-saving doors that can instantly transform your favorite room!


Pocket Doors
Sliding pocket doors are perfect for saving space in bathrooms. They can be combined with a full-length mirror to consolidate wall space and eliminate “swing space.” The pocket door and mirror combo also helps reflect more natural sunlight to create a welcoming environment.

Barn Doors
These space-saving doors operate on rollers and combine function with modern style. This is another type of sliding door that eliminates “swing space” in order to maximize the dimensions of any room.

Glass Bifold Doors
These beautiful interior doors are perfect for “tricky spaces” that are unable to accommodate traditional doors. Bifold doors are available in a wide range of styles and colors to match any décor!

Pivot Doors
Time to get creative! There are spaces where there just isn’t enough “swing space” for a standard door. Pivot doors are a stylish space-saving door option that accentuates both the interiors and exteriors of a home.

Japanese-Style Doors
More like a “sliding wall,” Japanese-style doors divide rooms to give more privacy. These shoji doors are an elegant addition to any home’s interior.

Dutch Doors
Dutch doors are split horizontally and can be swung open at the top to conserve space, while increasing air flow.

French Accordion Doors
Stylish, chic, modern, and timeless. These space-saving doors help divide the room, and allow natural sunlight inside thanks to elegant glass panels.

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