Custom Basement Bars Add Personality


The basement gets no respect. It’s often regulated to a dark storage room, while its massive potential goes unfulfilled. Cheer up, basement! You’re actually a pretty cool room that just needs a little care and creativity. Whether your basement bar is a complement to a media room, gym, playroom, entertainment center or guest room, there are personal touches than can make it your own!

Basement bar remodels can make the space more inviting, and transform it into the most exciting room in the house.


Wall Bottle Opener
Make your mark by adding a creative custom wall bottle opener. Choose something that matches the theme of the room, or is an extension of your personality or style. A custom wall bottle opener isn’t only useful — it’s also a great conversation starter.

Custom Pullout Drawers
Who said storage had to be boring? Choose storage solutions that are an exciting alternative to the ordinary. Custom pullout drawers add character, style and function to any basement bar. Drawers can even be built to hold bottles upright thanks to adjustable dividers.

Seating Options
Make your basement bar a more welcoming area by adding unique seating options for your guests. Whether your style is quirky, hipster, jock, cool or funky, the creative seating area can add some needed “dash” to the festivities. Choose from booth seating, fun bar stools, colorful chairs, and everything else in between.

Create ambiance by thinking outside-the-box when it comes to lighting options. Brighten the area with under-shelf lighting options that illuminate your basement bar while striking the perfect mood.

Countertops & Cabinets
Accentuate basement bars with just the right flourishes. Choose from a wide range of custom materials including marble, stone, tile, and wood finishes that tie the entire room together.

For more information on exciting options for basement bars, please contact the experts of Southwestern Remodeling. We have the talent, resources, and expertise necessary to design and build the basement bar of your dreams!