Increase Your Home’s Value with an Attic Remodel


The attic is often the “odd man out” when it comes to home remodeling projects. Homeowners usually see the attic as only a “storage area,” which means they are missing out on a great opportunity to expand their living space. It’s time to clean up the cobwebs and think outside the box for your attic remodel! Southwestern Remodeling has the talent and experience necessary to transform your attic into a new bedroom, playroom, entertainment center, or just about anything else you can imagine.

Since it’s such a unique space, there are several ways an attic remodel can add value to your home.

It’s Ready!
An attic remodel doesn’t require an expansion that eats up your budget. Homeowners don’t have to pay the cost of additional square footage, framing, heating, or plumbing for a new room. The attic is a pre-existing space with a foundation that is ready for renovation!

Return on Investment
According to “Cost vs. Value Report,” converting your space into an attic bedroom gives homeowners more than a 77.2% return on investment!

Adds an Extra Story
When looking to purchase a home, buyers want a house that maximizes its usable space. An attic remodel expands your home vertically by adding an extra story. It’s one less home remodeling project the prospective buyer as to invest in, which increases your home’s overall curb appeal.

Choose Timeless Styles
If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, then it’s important to not go overboard with trendy styles for your new attic. Choose timeless colors and styles that are durable and made to last the test of time. You don’t want to spend time and resources on a new attic bedroom with limited appeal.

What Type of Roof Supports?
Before starting your attic renovation, you need to examine the roof supports. If your roof has W-shaped trusses, then an attic remodel can be a difficult and expensive undertaking. However, homes with an A-frame are ideal for an attic remodel. Get your imagination revved up, call Southwestern Remodeling, and let’s get to work!