Choose Timeless Designs for Your Home Remodeling Project

Choose Timeless Designs for Your Home Remodeling Project

In today’s economy it’s more important than ever to add value to your home through sustainable, timeless design. If you are planning on selling in the future, then you don’t want to spend valuable resources on a home remodeling project that will soon become outdated. This is why many homeowners are choosing design trends that promote longevity and durability.

There are several home remodeling trends that increase your home’s value while never going out of style.

Open Floor Plans
Instead of barriers separating the dining room, kitchen or living room, homeowners are breaking down walls and letting their floor plans breath. This timeless layout allows families to spend more time together in large, open spaces that are less formal or restrictive.

Forget the Carpets
Hardwood floors are a popular home remodeling trend with long-lasting appeal. The only spot in the home where carpeting remains popular is the bedroom. For the other rooms, homeowners are choosing hardwoods, ceramic tiles and laminates. Bare floors are also easier to keep clean, and are less susceptible to stains and dust accumulation.

Muted Colors
Home remodeling allows you to express your personality in the décor, but don’t go overboard with a “loud” color scheme. Choose muted colors that won’t overstay their welcome. Shades of gray, earth tones, taupe, eggplant, browns and blues all create a comforting environment with a timeless style.

Keep it Simple
Keeping the design clean and simple creates a décor that will be stylish for decades to come. Stay away from “trendy” designs that are overly ornate and artsy. Not only are they more expensive, but trends have a bad habit of quickly going out of style. It’s much better to find something that is in proportion to the floor plan and wall design. Choose a design that is both durable and aesthetically beautiful.

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