Tips for Planning Your New Garage Remodel

Tips for Planning Your New Garage Remodel

Building and designing a new garage remodel has been a popular home remodeling trend in recent years. Due to the larger sizes of homes and the popularity of utility vehicles, homeowners have been pushing the boundaries of what garages can achieve. Southwestern Remodeling can help you design and build a new garage that fits your home and lifestyle.

When planning a new garage remodel, there are several ways you can maximize both function and aesthetic design.

What Type of Garage?
When planning a new garage remodel, homeowners need to determine whether an attached or detached garage better fits their needs. Many new housing developments have attached garages that offer protection from inclement weather and provide abundant storage. However, attached garages are limited in aesthetic style choices, and can be a security risk because they create another entryway. Detached garages have more design options, and they avoid a “garage-dominated façade” for your home. This type of garage can also take up more space, and require more maintenance costs.

Expand Your Space
Over the last 40 years, there has been a significant increase in the number of two-car garages in new homes. Many garages are being built to accommodate three or more vehicles. When planning your new garage, make sure that it’s large enough for your automobiles — especially if you have SUVs, minivans, or pickup trucks. Leave enough room for storage, tools, equipment, and miscellaneous items. Large garages also increase your home’s resell value in the housing market.

Better Street View
Many new garages are angled 90 or 45 degrees away from the street in order to lessen their prominent visibility. This gives your home a better overall street view, and your garage no longer detracts from your home’s façade.

Style Points
It’s time to think “outside the box” when it comes to the design and style of your garage remodel. Choose from stylish siding, window, door and trimming options that match the rest of the house. In this way, the garage will look like a natural extension of your home’s existing décor!