Why Build a Covered Deck or Sunroom?


Adding a covered deck or sunroom can maximize your home’s potential, and enhance your outdoor experience. They protect you from extreme temperatures and the elements, while letting you enjoy the fresh breeze year-round! With expert planning and design, Southwestern Remodeling can help transform your traditional deck into a covered sunroom or garden room.

Covered decks provide comfortable outdoor living, and add significant resell value to your home.

Year-Round Enjoyment
Covered decks give homeowners an enclosed patio that can be accommodated with lighting options, electrical outlets, ceiling fans, fireplaces, and much more. This extends “deck season” past spring and summer, and into the cooler months of autumn and winter. With indoor amenities and protection from the elements, covered decks allow you to comfortably enjoy every season.

Experience the Outdoors
The window screens of a sunroom are nearly invisible, which creates the sensation of being outside. Sunroom enclosures feature large windows and fiberglass mesh screens that provide natural sunlight. Open the windows to ventilate the room and enjoy the fresh air. These large windows give you the perfect place to comfortably watch a soft summer rain or the snowfall of winter.

Increases Your Home’s Value
Like other room additions, covered decks and sunrooms can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell in the future, transforming your deck can help increase the return on your investment. Southwestern Remodeling can help you save on foundation costs by making sure you meet all building code requirements.

Low Maintenance
Covered decks and sunrooms also save you time and money in maintenance costs. Traditional, uncovered decks require annual repairs, staining, sealing, and power washing due to dirt, leaves and debris. Since covered decks are protected from the elements, they require far less overall maintenance. You also won’t have to worry about bringing patio furniture inside every time it rains.

For more information on building a covered deck or sunroom, contact the experts of Southwestern Remodeling. With over 45 years of experience, our professional team has the talent and skill necessary to transform your backyard into something special. Call today and start the conversation!