Things to Consider Before Your Basement Remodel


Planning a basement remodel can be a tricky process. You can’t just put in a couch, HDTV, fridge and call it “good to go.” Nope! There are several factors and challenges that novice builders may not even realize. It takes experience, professional talent and attention to detail in order to transform the basement into a functioning living area. Southwestern Remodeling can help design and build a successful basement remodel that maximizes the potential of the space.

There are several important things for homeowners to remember before committing to a basement remodel project.

Is There Water Coming In?
Before a basement remodel, it’s important to stop any water or moisture that comes through the foundation. If you already have flooding problems, then you need to find and fix the issue before a remodel. You don’t want to spend the time and resources on a new space only to have it ruined during the next heavy rainstorm.

Check the Ceilings
Most basements weren’t originally built to be living spaces. This means they have low ceilings with low-hanging ductwork, water pipes and wiring that can be a nuisance. There are creative ways to hide them with beams, or by reinstalling them into floor joints.

Basement remodels often times involve a new bathroom, which means there needs to be proper lines for water and waste drainage. This usually involves the removal of a section of concrete in order to connect a new line to the shower, toilet and tub. For basements without enough slope, a sewage ejection pump might have to be installed.

Think About the Future
Any future home remodeling projects will affect the basement since that’s where all the mechanical systems are located. You might want to save your basement remodel until other rooms are finished to avoid damaging your previous work.

Use Your Imagination
Basements don’t have to be boring! There are ways to rearrange existing windows, doors, posts and stairwells to make your new basement exactly how you want it. Southwestern Remodeling can help transform your space into a sports room, entertainment center, basement bar, and much more!