Composite or Wood for Deck Remodeling?


Building a new deck or outdoor living space is an opportunity to expand your home’s interiors. Southwestern Remodeling specializes in a wide variety of innovative deck options including outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, covered decks, open seating areas, and more. All decks are structurally made with treated lumber for the framing and foundation. However, you will need to decide which material to use for the deck surface, railings, and other exposed areas.

There are several pros and cons to natural wood and man-made composites for deck remodeling projects.

Evaluate Your Needs
Before making your big decision, it’s important to think how your deck will be used. This will play a large factor into what material is best for your project. Is your deck in the shade, or in the hot sun? Will you be in charge of deck maintenance, or will you hire a company? How much longer will you be living in your home? Southwestern Remodeling can help you answer these questions (and others) to determine which deck material is right for you.

Natural Wood v. Composite Materials
Since it’s the most cost-efficient, natural wood is the most popular deck remodeling material. Treated lumber and cedar are most commonly used, while some homeowners choose redwood and hardwoods such as jutoba and Ipe. Composite materials are chosen for decks due to their low maintenance. These manmade materials consist of composites, PVC, and commercial vinyl products.

Cost Considerations
The installation of a composite deck costs significantly more than a wood deck. However, the long-term maintenance of a wood deck ends up costing more over time. Homeowners can save money by fixing repairs themselves, but hiring a deck maintenance company will add to expenses. The importance of installation costs over maintenance expenses will depend on whether you plan on staying put, or moving in the near future.

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