Surviving a Room Addition


Room additions are one of the most popular home remodeling projects for homeowners. A room addition expands your existing space, and adds extra personality to your house. Southwestern Remodeling has the experience necessary to make sure your room addition project runs as smoothly as possible. Room additions are big projects, however, and sometimes a few inconveniences are unavoidable.

Southwestern Remodeling has everything under control to make your room addition a stress-free experience.

Temporary Damage to the Lawn and Landscaping
You’re adding a new room, which means digging a brand new foundation. There will also be workers and vehicles on your property during the project. This may result in your lawn not looking as pristine as it did beforehand. However, this is only temporary. The work crews of Southwestern Remodeling treat your lawn with respect, and do everything possible to limit any damage. We can repair the damage as we go and can transplant your favorite plants out of harm’s way. After the room addition is completed, new foundation plants, topsoil and grass seed can make your lawn look better than ever!

Dust in the House
During your room addition project, dirt and debris can sometimes find its way inside. However, our work crew cleans up each day, and keeps all dust to a minimum. Southwestern Remodeling will also build as much of the room addition as possible before taking down any exterior walls. During construction, our team will seal off the room addition from the rest of the house to help prevent dirt from entering.

Project Delays
The Southwestern Remodeling team does everything in our power to have your room addition completed on time. Occasionally there are factors beyond anyone’s control that can result in delays. Some of the most common causes include inclement weather, and delays in the shipping of custom materials from manufacturers. However, most delays are kept to a minimum. We are detail oriented and know what’s going on at every stage of the project. We keep you updated on our daily progress, and on any changes to the project deadline. Southwestern Remodeling has you covered!