Planning Your New Outdoor Living Space


Creating an outdoor living space is the perfect way to redefine the possibilities of your home. With a little creativity, you can expand your living space past its interiors and fully realize the potential of your outside area. Southwestern Remodeling specializes in a wide variety of beautiful outdoor living spaces including covered decks, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, open-air gathering areas, and so much more! Planning your new outdoor living space is a lot like planning any other room addition.

There are certain considerations that are unique to the outdoor living space building process.

Open Air or Covered?
You need to consider whether you would like an open-air or covered space. An open-air living space allows you to enjoy the nice weather, watch the stars at night, and entertain for cookouts. However, an open-air space also doesn’t give you as much privacy as a covered enclosure. Having a roof on your deck can protect you from rain, intense heat, and give you privacy from the neighbors. If you want an open-air living space then screen panels, railings, a pitched roof, and other additions can help make your new room feel more secure.

Year Round or Seasonal?
How often do you want to use your new outdoor living space? If it’s only in the spring or summer, then you should think about ways to protect yourself from the sun without sacrificing the benefits of natural light. Homeowners also like using their outdoor living spaces during the fall and the cooler months. With the addition of skylights, a fireplace, and heating lamps, you can enjoy happy hour outside while watching the seasons change.

Practical Functionality
Will you be using your outdoor living space to entertain friends and family, or will it just be you and a significant other? Plan the dimensions of your new outdoor living space accordingly. If you’re using the new space for a dining area, then you need to plan enough room for a seating area and even an outdoor kitchen. Make sure the space isn’t too narrow, which may cause uncomfortable seating arrangements.