How to Calculate Room Addition Cost


A room addition is the perfect way to increase your floor space without moving into a larger house. Many homeowners like to create their “dream home” by adding an extra bedroom, bathroom, or family room. Room additions are also ideal for growing families who are expecting more children. As we have previously discussed, room additions are big projects that require a lot of planning and commitment. One of the most common concerns for homeowners is sticking to a budget.

Room addition costs are determined by the amount of “materials” and “labor.”

The “materials” of a project refer to all building materials used during the construction process. These include flooring, lighting, paint, installations, wood, stone, and anything else used to build the room. The amount of materials needed for a project depends on the square footage of the allocated space. The larger the room, the higher the cost of materials. The type of room can also raise room addition costs. Bathroom and kitchen additions are usually more expensive since they require plumbing, sinks, baths, and other installations. In contrast, a bedroom addition doesn’t need these installations, which results in lower material costs.

The cost of “labor” is determined by the size of the work crew, and the time it takes them to complete your room addition. A larger room with more installations will take longer to build at a higher cost. Other labor expenses depend on whether you decide to “build up” or “build out.” The room addition cost will also take into account cleanup and the removal of old materials from the worksite. Before starting the project, Southwestern Remodeling will provide a price quote for both materials and labor.

It’s a complicated process that requires a professional eye for detail. This is why it’s so important to choose an experienced contractor that you can trust. Southwestern Remodeling has over 45 years of experience in beautiful room addition design and construction. Give us a call today and start the conversation!