Do I “Build Up” or “Build Out” with a Room Addition?


Expanding the space in your home with a room addition is a popular choice for many homeowners. Everyone loves giving their home a personal touch, while increasing the amount of overall floor space. However, there’s more to a room addition than simply “adding more space.”

One of the most important details to consider is whether to “build up” or “build out” with a room addition.

Building Out
Most homeowners choose to “build out” for a room addition. Since another story isn’t being built, there’s no need to add extra structural support to the home. This project also involves less post-construction work than “building up.” Expanding outward takes place outside your daily living space, which means the work crew will be far less obtrusive. The biggest disadvantage of “building out” is that you lose part of your yard! Expanding outward means there is less space for a grill, deck, fireplace, or pool. A new foundation will also have to be laid for the new room. This requires a lot of digging and using some expensive equipment to get the job done.

Building Up
This room addition allows you to expand without losing any outdoor living space. Since “building up” involves adding another level to your home, you also won’t have to contend with restrictive zoning laws. Sometimes “building out” results in an awkward floor plan that disrupts the natural flow of your household. “Building up” allows you to keep a convenient distance between the nerve center of your house and other rooms. You won’t have to build a new foundation, but it will be necessary to reinforce the structural support of your house. The lower level will also require extensive post-construction to make sure everything is sound.

Whether you decide to “build up” or “build out,” the expert team at Southwestern Remodeling has the experience and talent necessary to create an exciting room addition. Give us a call today so we can discuss your project!