Is it Time for a Room Addition?


There’s a certain “something” that all homeowners want more of. No, it’s not a higher mortgage or more things that need fixing. Everyone wants more SPACE! This is why a room addition is such a popular home remodeling project for those looking to expand their horizons. A room addition can maximize your space, while turning your home into the “dream house” you’ve always wanted. However, there are several factors to consider before making a decision. How do you know if it’s time for a room addition?

Southwestern Remodeling will help you through the entire Room Addition process

Assess Your Existing Space
Take a good look at your home. Could it benefit from more space, or do you just have too much “junk”? It might be time to weed out some of the non-essentials. After you’ve seriously assessed the space needs of your house, then you can make an educated decision on expansion. Room additions are complex projects, so make sure you are serious about the commitment.

It’s a Big Job!
You need an experienced and talented building crew, due to the complexities of the project itself. You’re not just “adding a room” — it’s an expansion of the entire home. This means you are adding new foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, wall installations and much more. You also need someone to help with zoning and building permits. That’s why using a trusted, professional building crew is so important to the overall safety of your home.

Choose the Right Building Company
Room additions take a lot of time, skill, and planning to build correctly. You want the new room to fit seamlessly with the rest of the house. It’s a serious project that requires superior talent. You don’t want just anyone attaching something to the existing structure of your home. The designers and builders of Southwestern Remodeling have been doing innovative room additions for over 45 years. We know exactly how to safely and successfully create a room addition that excels in function and style. Give us a call and let’s start the conversation!