Best Time of Year for Your Home Remodeling Project

Best Time of Year for Your Home Remodeling Project

The best time of year to start a home remodeling project greatly depends on the size and scope of the project itself. Some are better suited early in the holiday season before guests arrive. Other projects are better for warmer months when you have more time and money.

How do you decide the best time of year for your home remodeling project?

Length of the Home Remodeling Project?
The holidays are a busy time of year. If it’s a smaller scale project then you might have time to complete the remodel without it disrupting your everyday life. Larger projects such as an entire basement remodel or master bath expansion might be better for the start of the year when things calm down.

Cold or Warm Weather?
You want to plan your home remodeling project around the weather if it involves outside work. Save patio or deck remodeling projects for the spring. This way the remodeling crew won’t freeze while working, and you’ll have your outside living area ready for summer! The fall and winter are perfect for smaller indoor projects. Bigger projects involve a larger work space, which may expose your home more to the elements. It’s better to save these until it gets warmer.

Seasonal Curb Appeal?
A home remodeling project is a great way to increase your home’s resell value. Some of the best projects that increase curb appeal include a room expansion and minor bathroom upgrades. The housing market usually doesn’t pick up until the spring, which makes the winter months ideal for renovations!

Extra Money Before or After the Holidays?
Depending on how many gifts you buy friends and family, you might have a little extra cash to finance a home remodeling project. If not, you can always finance a smaller scale project and save a larger remodel for the warmer months.

Please contact the expert team at Southwestern Remodeling about your new home remodeling project. We can discuss the best time of year to start your project and give an estimate on completion. We look forward to working with you!