Quick Home Remodeling Tips for Holiday Entertaining

Quick Home Remodeling Tips for Holiday Entertaining

The holiday season is the busiest time of year when everyone gets together for all kinds of festive activities. All across the country, millions of visitors descend upon millions of homes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. What do they all want? They want to visit you and see your home! Is your home ready to receive these hoards of visitors? There isn’t always a lot of time for a full home remodel or room expansion. However, there are a few quick home remodeling tips that can get your home ready for the holiday visitors coming your way!

Brighten up otherwise dark rooms with a variety of exciting lighting options. Your kitchen, bathroom, family room and entertainment room see the most traffic during the holiday season. You want to make sure that your guests feel welcomed and energized by setting the mood with creative light installations. Install a dimmer switch, stylish wall sconces, or skylights. Or you can really impress your guests by installing a new electric fireplace!

Basement Bar
Your entertainment room is finished but you’re missing that final piece. Adding a wet bar instantly creates another gathering area for all your holiday guests. If you already have a kitchen area in your basement, a basement bar is an easy way to reenergize the room and create a more welcoming atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to talk, listen to music, and watch a movie or sporting event.

Home Remodeling Tips Make Any Home More Festive for the Holidays

Cabinet/Tiling Upgrades
Chances are that your guests will be frequently visiting your kitchen and bathroom. However, you don’t need a complete remodel to improve your space. Another quick home remodeling tip is upgrading your cabinets, tiling, sink, and storage areas. Southwestern Remodeling has a wide selection of beautiful marble, tile, and stainless steel options. You can also add a new bathroom vanity, pantry, or kitchen island!

Fireplace Mantel
Sometimes the fireplace mantel gets a little neglected. Add some stylistic flair with accents and festive ornaments. We can also help you with a complete mantel redesign.

For more quick home remodeling tips, contact the experts at Southwestern Remodeling. We look forward to starting your project!