The Southwestern Remodeling Process

The Southwestern Remodeling Process

Your bathroom or deck could really use a facelift. It’s time to get serious about your home remodeling project, but what can you expect during the process? When you call the experts at Southwestern Remodeling you can count on a professional service that takes care of every detail. The end result is a beautifully transformed space that gets you one room closer to your ideal dream home!

The first phase of the project involves meeting with a Southwestern Remodeling contractor or a member of the sales team.


We talk about your expectations for the project and any ideas we may have to help turn your vision into a reality. Our representative discusses the best material options for your home remodel, the work schedule, and the crew that will be used. You’ll be introduced to the crew chief and be given his or her contact information. Communication is key and the on-site supervisor will be your primary contact during the duration of the build. You and the building supervisor will then inspect the room’s dimensions and come up with the best game plan for the remodel.

Before the Southwestern Remodeling crew begins the project, you will need to remove all personal artifacts from the build site and set-up a trash bin. Depending on the project, a construction fence, portable kitchen or restroom may also need to be brought in. Our supervisor will help you with the process and determine the needs of the crew. Our team will then establish their work space while protecting the interiors of your home. Plastic sheet coverings will be put up to help gather debris and dust. Southwestern Remodeling does everything possible to keep your home clean during the build!

Then our team gets to work! We lay the foundation of the build site by supporting walls and installing HVAC conduits for the room if necessary. After the project is completed, the supervisor conducts the final inspection and reviews the work with you to make sure it meets your satisfaction. Then our crew cleans up everything so you won’t even know we were here. All that remains is your exciting remodeled space! Call Southwestern Remodeling for a consult today and let’s start building!