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A Family Tradition | Home Remodeling by Southwestern Remodeling

A legacy is a family tradition that grows stronger with each generation. It’s when a father passes down his values and craft, so one day his son will take his place. For 40 years, Southwestern Remodeling has been a family tradition with founder Art Bryan and his son Chad Bryan. Art has spent a lifetime building the reputation of Southwestern Remodeling as one of the preeminent home remodeling companies in the industry. Chad is now following in Art’s footsteps, continuing Southwestern Remodeling’s proud tradition as the industry standard for high craftsmanship and customer service.

We are Proud of Our Family Tradition at Southwestern Remodeling

Art Bryan started Southwestern Remodeling in 1970 after transitioning from his roofing business. His customers inspired Art to take the next step into home remodeling: “They would ask if we also did kitchens and bathrooms,” explains Art. “The business has been expanding ever since!” From an early age, Art demonstrated a talent for ambitious and creative business ventures. “When my dad was in middle school, he would buy day-old doughnuts and sell them on his way to school,” Chad says. “He even hired four kids to help him collect the profits.” Art learned the craft of home remodeling from his father who was in the roofing business. Art has passed on this legacy to his own son, making Chad the 3rd generation of Bryans who have mastered the craft of home remodeling.

Chad has been an official member of Southwestern Remodeling since 2002, after graduating from the University of Kansas with a business degree. However, Chad has been with the company even longer, serving as an “unofficial” apprentice to Art ever since childhood. “I grew up in the business,” says Chad. And he has learned the business well. Chad accompanied his father on countless projects where Art taught him every aspect of home remodeling. It’s this unbroken chain of a shared skill-set and work ethic that has made Southwestern Remodeling such a success. Thanks to Art’s lifetime of preparation, Chad is ready to take the next step as the driving force behind the company. Southwestern Remodeling is in good hands as Chad upholds his family’s legacy by moving the company forward into the 21st century with exciting plans for the future! Call Southwestern Remodeling today and join us in the 21st century!