Room Additions for the Holidays

Room Additions Wichita KS | Home Remodeling by Southwestern Remodeling

We are amidst the holiday season, which means friends and family will descend upon your home for feasting, gift giving, game watching, togetherness, and various feats of strength. Your home is just the right size the other 11 months of the year, but now you’re suddenly feeling the pains of a crowded house. Obviously it’s a case of more people, more problems. But before you put your house on the market and look for a bigger place, contact the experts at Southwestern Remodeling. With a simple room addition, you can expand your living space for a fraction of the cost of moving, and create a new room that matches your specific needs and style sensibilities.

Get your entire family together under one roof with the help of Southwestern Remodeling

The holidays are meant for us to spend together — not Uncle Bob telling stories in one room, cousins playing in another, and friends laughing two rooms away. You need space that allows everyone to be together in one place. Southwestern Remodeling can help you add family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, home office space and more to best expand your home so it’s more inviting and spacious. Maybe you’re getting a new baby for Christmas? Nursery room additions can help make the transition run more smoothly for growing families that need more space.

Southwestern Remodeling offers a combination of style and craftsmanship with our skilled team of in-house professionals. Your complete satisfaction with any new room addition is our number one goal, and we work hard to see your vision through to realization. Our team of experts cover every detail, making sure all room additions meet our high standards of function and quality. Make a room addition part of your holiday season and start enjoying more quality time with friends and family!