2013 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

2013 Kitchen Remodeling Trends wichita home remodeling

Kitchens regularly rank among the most popular home improvements. They are one of the most regularly used rooms in any home for everything from a daily routine to the centerpiece of a family gathering. For kitchens, the return on investment is one of the highest in home remodeling.

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So far, in 2013, we have seen a few new kitchen remodeling trends. Granite is no longer the ‘go-to’ countertop material. It will always have many die-hard fans but other materials are starting to increase in popularity such as quartz composite. As of now, the quartz composite is the closest to maintenance free while still having strength similar to granite.

Double-sinks are another long-lived trend has started falling by the wayside. Deep single-bowl sinks are taking over kitchens like wildfire. They have all the benefits of a divided sink, but can actually fit your large pans and baking sheets in addition to coming with a variety of accessories like fitted colanders.

Splashes of color are starting to appear more now than ever. They are often used with classic textures and colors to increase the character of your kitchen. With the advances in appliances and fixtures, it is beginning to be easier to find the appliance or fixture you want in the exact color you envision to bring an added element to your kitchen.

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