Southwestern Remodeling—the best Wichita Deck Builder


Though ice still clings to the roof and to the shady places in the yards, for most of us our thoughts are starting to turn to spring. In another three weeks, Wichita will look like a very different place—dirty slush piles will be replaced by budding bushes, the trees will be blossoming and the grass will become green.

At Southwestern Remodeling, we’re looking forward to spring as well—looking forward to helping you get the most out of your potential deck space and maximizing your enjoyment of the great spring weather. Wichita Deck Builder, Southwestern Remodeling can help you from start to finish.

Whether you’re hoping to add to your current deck, to replace a deck that isn’t currently functional, or to add an entirely new deck, Southwestern Remodeling has the knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly, cleanly, and professionally.

Whether simple or complex, Wichita Deck Builder Southwestern Remodeling can help: fire pits and outdoor kitchens, incorporated benches and custom planters, pergolas and screening, roofing and fans—whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it. Southwestern Remodeling can also help you with other potential necessities, such as the addition of a new access door or the incorporation of an existing hot tub or swimming area.

Our estimates are hassle-free and cost free. Never feel shy about giving a call. We’d be glad to visit with you in our newly updated showroom or to meet you on site to see the space where the work would be taking place. Whether you prefer traditional woods or low-maintenance composite materials, we can work with your goals and budget to provide you with an amazing deck to enjoy for years to come.