Kitchen Remodeling — Remaking the Kitchen into a Great Room

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Most of us remember loving the kitchen as kids—so many great smells and flavors, laughter and stories. Most of us also remember being chased out of the kitchen as kids. Too many people in too small a space made for cranky cooks. But the kitchen is the hub of the home—the social spot where people most want to spend their time.

Whether it’s simply a night with the family or an evening of entertaining, Southwestern Remodeling can help you remake that space: with an open model floor plan, you can transform the kitchen to a great room—instead of chasing people out, you can invite everyone in.

Benefits of Being Open
Often times, homes will have kitchens that are shut off from the adjacent spaces. For those who prefer a more open floor plan and a more social kitchen, one great option is to open the space that separates the rooms as part of the remodeling project. By doing so, you can more easily let beautiful cabinets and kitchen features be appreciated for their aesthetic qualities. Another benefit is that both rooms will feel larger. Finally, an open floor plan offers more convenience and a greater sense of connection.

Unlimited Options Available
Depending on the size and scope of your desires, kitchen remodeling can be great fun and can greatly increase the value of a home and the quality of experiences within the home.

Love preparing food while visiting with your kids or entertaining guests? Consider the double-island. As the kids are doing their homework and facing you from the clean, clutter-free zone of one island, you can be preparing dinner or snacks on the other. Everyone has their own space, while still maintaining a sense of intimacy.

Mix and match! In previous years, it was commonly held that all surfaces and materials in a kitchen really ought to be identical. No more. Want stone surfaces for most of the countertops and butcher-block for another? It can be done and done well. Come in to our show room to see the some great options: brass and nickel fixtures, light and dark finishes, custom cabinets and sinks, islands and nooks, convection ovens and warming drawers. Sooooo much fun to be had!

A Recipe for Success
Southwestern Remodeling has earned their reputation as the best remodeling company in Wichita for simple-to-understand reasons: we possess the expertise to do the job right and, we treat customers with dignity and respect. When you choose Southwestern Remodeling, you get a partner who will work with your from the first moments of planning to the final moments of clean-up. We work with you all through the selection process. We’re here to help you achieve the remodeled kitchen of your dreams; we listen to you without simply offering up thoughtless “yesses” and we can offer guidance without being pushy.

Call us at 316-263-1239 or come visit us in our newly updated showroom. We’d love to visit with you about your project and provide a cost-free, hassle-free quote!