SWR – Wichita Garage Builder


Every properly functioning home needs a garage that fits the lifestyle of the family.

At Southwestern Remodeling, we’ve been custom building garages for Wichita Families since 1970. Whether you want to expand your current space, connect an attached garage to an existing home, or construct a detached garage as a stand-alone structure, SWR can put its experience and professionalism to work for you.

Serenity through Storage-Too much stuff and too little space is a toxic combination. When our space no longer fits our needs, the result is clutter. Clutter leads to stress. Stress to anxiety. You have enough other sources of anxiety in your life. Let your home be a peaceful refuge. With SWR—Wichita’s best garage builder—you can correct the clutter issues in your home and its garage. With your expanded garage, you can better enjoy both your home and the spacious benefits offered by a proper garage space.

Hog Heaven-Motorcycles—the tinkering and maintaining, the customizing and cleaning—it’s your passion, the one true passion in your life. And now, that passion is stuck sharing space with snow shovels, old boards, kids’ toys, bicycles and tubs of outdated clothes. (Sigh.) Now’s the time to consider adding an additional garage/workshop to simplify life. Think of it: custom cabinets for your tools and accessories, a painted and sealed floor, proper lighting. With Wichita Garage Builder SWR, you can make it happen. Give yourself the room to work and to fully enjoy your motorcycles.

Issues of Style & Purpose-At Southwestern Remodeling, we’ve spent decades improving and honing our craft. Whatever the style of your existing home, we can build your addition to blend seamlessly into the current structure. Or, if you prefer a detached garage, we can build it to match the style, colors and building materials of your home. Your home is your space; it should be customized to fit your needs. If you need a garage below and an apartment above, we can do that. Want a bank of windows and skylights for greenhouse potential? We can do it. We are Wichita’s Best Garage Builder. If you tell us what you need, we can help you make it a reality.