SWR – Beyond Good, the Best Remodeling Company in Wichita!


At Southwestern Remodeling, we’ve never been satisfied with simply being good. Since 1970, we’ve made it our mission to be the Best Remodeling Company in Wichita, KS!

What we do

*Southwestern Remodeling includes you in every step of the process. We learn your goals, your project budget and your style—then, we keep contact with you from the selection process all the way through the final clean-up.
*Southwestern Remodeling offers frank, simple-to-understand solutions for all your expansion and home repair needs.
*At Southwestern Remodeling, we work efficiently and diligently, using highly trained craftsmen—this allows us to complete your work quickly and to maintain the highest standards of remodeling excellence.


What we don’t do
*We never pressure people to work beyond their budget.
*We never talk down to customers.
*We never share your contact information or other private material.


What Wichitans are saying

“Thanks to Southwestern Remodeling for all the work that’s been done over the last 3+ years. SWR was willing to work with us to get the work done as budget would allow and with always excellent results. Thanks to Chad, Roger, Tony, Ricky, Rich, Steve, Armond, and the many others whose names I didn’t get but who did their work and did it professionally and with courtesy. From a new roof, windows, siding, paint and new deck arbor to kitchen counter tops and new carpeting – – they did it all and the results are top notch. The folks from Southwestern Remodeling really show how a professional operation can work. Many thanks, again.”  Mike & Barbara

“Southwestern Remodeling did an amazing job on our basement bathroom renovations. They set accurate time frames and made our bathroom and hallway to the exact specifications that we discussed when designing it. I love the low profile shower and all of the new bathroom surfaces. The remodel has definitely increased the value of our house, and I’d recommend Southwestern Remodeling to anyone who wants to alter their home.” Carolyn Bakri

Be in touch
It all starts when we hear from you! From there, we can go to a hassle-free, cost-free estimate of the project. Then, on to the selection process, scheduling, construction and clean-up.
Wichita is our home—it’s where we live and work. Our combination of professionalism and skill is what makes Southwestern Remodeling the Best Remodeling Company in Wichita, KS. We want to help you achieve the goals you hold for your home, and to make the days ahead better than the days that have gone before.

We hope to visit with you soon. Best wishes from SWR.