Kitchen Remodeling — Beautiful Solutions to Common Complications

Beautiful Solutions to Common Complications | Kitchen Renovations

Frustrated with your kitchen? You’re not alone.

While no two jobs are identical, at Southwestern Remodeling we do see typical trends in kitchen construction which have led to similar frustrations from homeowners. A local Wichita Contractor with decades of experience, Southwestern is here to help!

-Lighting: the two most common lighting issues we see people dealing with are insufficient luminescence and fixtures that don’t provide the desired ambiance. Good news! Southwestern Remodeling can help you with backsplash lighting, recessed lighting, and the fixtures to compliment the rest of your kitchen.
-Outlets: too few and too dangerous (not protected from water). Improve the efficiency and safety of your kitchen with additional outlets and water shock protection.

-Flow: when it comes to kitchen efficiency, a little common sense goes a long way. The pantry and the refrigerator should be placed close to each other. Layout ought to reduce steps and interference—make the space more open, don’t close it off. If your kitchen feels tight and knotted, Southwestern Remodeling can help you to open it up and to allow the space to bloom.
-Storage: often times, people feel that the kitchen isn’t large enough. And, sometimes this is true. More often, it’s that the kitchen isn’t smart enough. Seldom has the kitchen cabinetry been wisely crafted. Roll out trays, pot racks and space organizers from Southwestern Remodeling can exponentially increase your storage area.

-Unity: a collection of beautiful individual pieces will not always result in a beautiful whole. At Southwestern Remodeling, our professionals will help you through the selection process. Together, we can create a remodeled Kitchen in harmony with both itself and with the rest of your home. “How will these selections fit with each other? How will they fit with the personality of the rest of our home?” At Southwestern Remodeling, we can help you update and improve your kitchen while keeping it in sync with the rest of your home.

When you choose Southwestern Remodeling as your kitchen improvement partner, we provide you with options, convenience and control. Involved, yes; hassled, no. We want you to enjoy your new kitchen; and, we also want you to enjoy the process of creating that new kitchen!

We want to be your Wichita Contractor! Look forward to working with you soon.