More Living Space, More Value — Attic Conversions with Southwestern Remodeling

At Southwestern Remodeling, we love helping people get the most out of their home. One great way to maximize your space and square footage is the Attic Conversion.

When we meet with people, one of the key concerns is how to best maximize available space. In some cases, people want an additional room for their home, but would prefer not to make changes to the exterior of the house or to its foundation. In such cases, the Attic Conversion may be the best option.

What kind of space do you need? Below are just a few of the Attic Conversions to consider with Southwestern Remodeling.

Additional Bedroom-Whether your family is growing or whether you simply want a private bedroom for guests, the attic bedroom can provide the necessary space and privacy.

Playroom-Tired of toys strewn here, there, and everywhere—toys with no real home? An attic playroom can provide additional storage and play area so that your kids and their things all have a neat, clean place to play and rest.

Movie Room-Does your family love movie night? Create the ultimate viewing experience in your attic movie room: surround sound, big-screen projection, wiring to support all your media needs.

Studio (Dance Floor/Music Hall/Painting Workshop)-Do you or your kids have activities with special needs? Let us know what sort of space you’re looking for. Whether it’s a hardwood dance floor or sound-muffling carpet and wall insulation, supports for full length mirrors or acoustic wall panels—we can help you make the space that will best serve your needs.

At Southwestern Remodeling, we call Wichita home and we love working with people in the community. If you’re planning a project to improve your home, please give us a call or come in and see us. Estimates are free and our track record is excellent. We hope you’ll be in touch.

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