Garage Conversions: A Vision Beyond Cobwebs and Oil Stains

Garage Conversions: A Vision Beyond Cobwebs and Oil Stains - Wichita Home Renovations

Perhaps the best thing about home is that the space is ours and it allows us to define ourselves. Why not further define yourself by redefining your garage space?

At Southwestern Remodeling, one of our specialties is helping homeowners with garage conversions into room additions.

What room conversion is right for your garage?

A Gamer’s Paradise. Run the wiring for surround sound and a projector. Set up adjustable lighting to maximize your gameplay experience. Flooring and insulation for comfort and style. With the space your current garage affords, you and your friends would have the ultimate space for Halo, Madden, or whatever your newest favorite is!

The Musician’s Retreat. When you play your guitar, you don’t want to play it quietly. You want to play the music the way you feel it. You don’t want the amp set at 4, and you don’t want to guess what it would sound like if the volume was actually at a realistic level. If you’re singing, you want the chance to do it without disturbing the rest of the family or even the neighbors. With a garage conversion from Southwestern Remodeling, we can help you transform your garage to be aesthetically pleasing, artistically lit, and acoustically pleasant.
The MANsion. Gentlemen, it feels good to have a space you call your own. Put the TV on as loud as you want. Watch what you want. Fill the fridge with the things you want to drink. Smoke that cigar without worry. A space for the guys can make home better for everyone. So, break out your Harley memorabilia, the old pictures that go with your greatest stories, and maybe even get some new gear from your favorite team. This space is yours: own it.

Give us a call today, and Southwestern Remodeling can help you out with a cost-free quote. Ready to convert your garage with a great room addition? We’d love to help. Ask your friends, nobody in Wichita does it better than Southwestern Remodeling.

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