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Garage Remodeling with Southwestern Remodeling Your Wichita Home Renovations

One of the greatest remodeling trends of the past few years has to be the evolution of the garage. Sure, we remember when we were kids—the garage was that space that looked vaguely like something out of Mad Max and the Thunderdome, a wasteland of miscellaneous tools and outdated sports and hunting equipment. You could usually scavenge something to entertain yourself, but it wasn’t a space you wanted to spend any time in.

Today, that vast expanse no longer has to be a substandard space haphazardly arranged. With your partners at Southwestern Remodeling, you can tailor the garage area to better compliment your home and better fit your life.

“The Man Cave”-Yes, you want to be able to park your cars and have space for your big projects. But, you also need space to be a guy and to relax with friends. The garage can be an ideal spot. Why not expand so that you have space for some chairs and maybe a couch or two…run wiring for a big screen tv against the back wall…get updated and creative with the storage to create the space for a pool table and a dartboard. In short, at Southwestern Remodeling, we’ve been a part of all sorts of creative garage spaces. We can help you make yours exactly what you want.

“The Work Shop”-Whether its woodworking or home brewing, welding or ceramics, there are two simple needs for any good work shop: space and comfort. If your materials have no proper place, your craft can become a source of stress rather than relaxation. If you don’t have the elbow room to work, you start to dread that which you once loved. Space is a necessity. Also, Kansas experiences extreme weather. The summer is hot and humid; the winter is frigid and windy. If you plan to spend extended amounts of time in the garage, why not consider having it insulated and connected to your furnace/cooling units? At Southwestern Remodeling, we can make it happen.

“The Motorcycle Shop”-With a garage expansion/remodeling project from Southwestern Remodeling, your motorcycle will no longer have to feel like the ugly step-sister. Instead of constantly being shuffled from place to place and surrounded by a tornado of clutter, you can have a garage with enough space to let your bike have a home of its own along with smart storage that allows its tools and maintenance equipment to be convenient and orderly.

For your enjoyment, for your hobbies, for your vehicles, or simply for space and comfort.

Give us a call or send us an email, our garage remodeling team is here to help!

At Southwestern Remodeling, we love revamping garages to take them from regular to remarkable.

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