Room to Breathe — Great Room Additions from Southwestern Remodeling

Room Addition | Southwestern Remodeling Wichita Kansas

Sometimes the status-quo just doesn’t cut it anymore. If your home is bursting at the seams, let Southwestern Remodeling lend a hand. Whether it’s for living quarters, work space or a play area, Southwestern Remodeling has the experience and expertise to help you craft the ideal room addition.

Turn your master-bedroom into a master suite. Right now, you’ve got enough room for the bed and a couple of dressers, but there is simply too much stuff in too little space. The kids have taken over the rest of the house. With help from SWR, you can enlarge your room. Imagine the difference in the feel of your house if…you each had a walk-in closet…your bedroom had the layout and space to allow for a couch, loveseat, and coffee table…a writing desk…and enough open space to make the room feel light and airy, rather than cluttered and claustrophobic. It can happen. It’s what we do!

Construct an efficient and effective home office. You spend a lot of time working at home, but are tired of constantly seeing it. The kitchen table has paperwork. The living room desk is home to your computer cords. The printer/scanner is housed in the guest bedroom. Nothing feels efficient and you feel like you’re constantly having to look at work (even when you’ve told yourself it’s time to relax). Create a space where you can do your work efficiently; allow yourself the liberty to leave work at work and enjoy the rest of your home when you’re done working for the day. With a room addition, you can!

Add an entertainment room. Instead of making your living room serve half-a-dozen functions, add an entertainment room custom built to the tastes of your family. Big into gaming and movies? Add a theatre/media room with wireless, surround sound, and the perfect dimensions for the ultimate viewing experience. Prefer the pre-electronics entertainment? Give yourself the space to relax. Kids aren’t the only ones who need to play. Build the pool hall you always wanted. Plenty of space for the full size table and a bar—maybe even a couple of vintage pinball machines and a card table.

A room addition from SWR can change the feel of your entire house.

Give yourself room to breathe, the space to enjoy life. Just give us a call or visit us on the web. Quotes are always free.