Give Yourself the Ultimate in Outdoor Living Spaces

It’s truly amazing how much difference a change of scenery can make; and, with Southwestern Remodeling, it’s truly amazing how simply this can be accomplished.

Outdoor living spaces make life beautiful.

So often, yards and landscaping receive such an investment of time, energy, and money—then go under-used and under-appreciated. It’s your space. Let Southwestern Remodeling help you find ways to fully enjoy it!

Give Yourself the Ultimate in Outdoor Living Spaces

Patio-Living Room: (OK, it’s hard to be objective about a space I love so much.) College football is never better than when you can be outside in the crisp air, watching the game on a big-screen, smelling and tasting and hearing all the flavors of the great fall outdoors, but only a few steps away from the kitchen and the fridge. Simply put, the dynamics of the outdoor living room allows for a different feel than you can ever have indoors. A sense of both freedom and communion is created by moving the gathering from the basement to the back yard. Enjoy the breeze, the sun on the water, the trees and the yard, the simple open space, and—at the end of the day—the stars above.

Give Yourself the Ultimate in Outdoor Living Spaces - Wichita Home Remodeler

Kitchen/Dining: Making a great meal can often take hours; consuming that great meal is accomplished in a fraction of that time. Cooking is a joy (and a labor of love), but there’s no reason to be cooped up during the finest hours of the finest seasons. Discover the joy of cooking beneath the trees, of being a part of the outdoor conversations while preparing for the feast to follow. Let Southwestern help you craft that Custom Outdoor Kitchen to help you fully enjoy all the seasons.

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