Finding That Special One…

There may be many fish in the sea…
At SWR, we understand that you have a lot of options when it comes to your Home Remodeling… in fact, sometimes there are so many choices it can be frustrating.
How to find one that’s worth catching…
Home Remodeling is a joint project, it’s a relationship. We understand that, so we’ve put together a little bit about us to help you get a feel for the people you’ll be working with. Enjoy!
No one likes to guess what’s going on in a relationship. We keep in close contact with you from start to finish. Our staff is warm and personable—simply put, we enjoy working with people.
Home Remodeling represents a serious investment. Not only is it financial, but when you give your home a lift, it’s emotional as well. When you improve your home, you create change which you expect to benefit those you love the most and yourself as well. You deserve a Home Remodeling partner who views your home the same way.
Shared Goals
No Home Remodeling project can succeed unless both partners are on the same page. To this end, we have carefully crafted our selection process to be sure that you maintain a sense of control. By going through this process with you, it ensures that you get to be in the driver’s seat and that we fully understand your hopes and goals with every project.
Often times, companies who advertise Home Remodeling have “commitment issues”. An unfortunate truth is that many of these companies will not be in the same business within just a few short years.
For over 40 years, Southwestern Remodeling has been demonstrating its commitment to Wichita KS. We’ve earned the trust of the community and maintain our commitment to treating you with courtesy, fairness and respect.
SWR, a worthy catch
We would love to partner with you on your next Home Remodeling project. Our commitment to serving Wichita KS has been going strong since 1970. We hope to begin serving you today.
Best wishes,