One Really Cool Deck Project

I was recently reviewing an organizing my large but horribly unorganized project picture library and came across one of the neatest projects we have been involved in for quite a while. We were contacted by our client to build a deck on the back of his home, what followed was a very pleasant surprise for all involved.This project turned out to be a very fun challenge. The roof structure over that was added to the existing home to cover a large portion of the deck was to be a open vault which required extensive engineering to carry load properly.To make the roof structure beautiful we covered the underside complete with tongue and groove redwood. Another unique aspect of this project was the request to make the decks underside substructure look beautiful because the family would be spending time under the deck on the new concrete patio. In typical deck construction treated lumber is used to build the structure.On this project every framing member with exception of the roof structure framing was construction heart redwood. Another unique feature of the deck was the flooring surface was ran on a 45 degree and fastened with hidden fasteners so no surface screws are visible on the deck surface. So enough talking about the deck, the pictures are worth more than a thousand words.The finished result you see is a great team effort with project completion by Ron Tilson, Matt Rausch, and Bob Peterson and design compliments of Harold Ketcherside. What makes Southwestern Remodeling so different is the fact that this project was completed from start to finish in about 4 weeks with crew of Southwestern Remodeling employees.No sub-contractor carpenters were ever on the job. Coordination and a clear vision of the construction process within a given project is shared from the top down. To complete a project of this nature it is impossible to beat a staff of true employees working together with a common goal of providing a high quality product on time and on budget.


During Deck Construction

During Construction

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