A Room Addition Surprise!

Porch before

This was a special project to be a part of.  The clients had a porch on the rear of the home that was covered by a shed style roof that was part of the original construction.  The porch was not frequently used so the family decided to tap in to that unused space and make it

Completed Room Addition

part the home’s living area by turning it in to a sun porch with large windows and a new 6′ sliding patio door that exited the room on to a new redwood landing and concrete patio.  Because of the existing roof structure this room addition was a little more economical than most without compromising design or quality.  When the sheet rock phase of the interior was complete we simply removed the existing patio door that used to exit the house on to the covered porch and created a large cased opening to enter the new room.  We also removed the old kitchen window and created a pass through from the kitchen in to the new room to allow for the passage of drinks and snacks in to the new room.  The windows, cased openings, base boards, and cased opening trims were all stained and finished to blend seamlessly with the homes’ existing finishes.  The floor was covered with ceramic tile to add to that sun room feel.

So enough about the room addition although it was pretty cool.  The real kicker to this story is the surprise.  Our clients have children and grandchildren who live out of town.  The entire family came back home for the holidays.  Waiting on them was a great new room complete with a Christmas tree and presents ready to be full of family celebrating the new year.

One of the special things we get to experience as remodelers is the positive effect the projects we complete have on the lifestyle of our clients.  When you can improve a family’s quality of life within their home it is truly rewarding.