Your Wichita Deck Remodelers for Summer Fun

Late spring and early summer is the time of year when we spend more time outside and enjoy the warm weather. It’s a time to get together with friends and family, light up the grill, turn up the music and get some sun! But maybe your existing deck has seen one too many summers and it’s time for a change? Maybe you’re getting bored with the space, or you want to transform your deck into something truly special? The Wichita Deck Remodelers at Southwestern Remodeling use innovative design and expert craftsmanship to make any deck live up to its full potential!

The experts at Southwestern Remodeling know exactly how to maximize your space by thinking outside the box. We can turn any deck into an area that will have everyone talking at your next get-together. Our Wichita Deck Remodelers have the skill and experience necessary to turn your unique vision into a reality. There’s almost no limit to what our builders and designers can do. Our decks can feature multiple levels, patterned layouts, benches, planters, and pergolas. What about a hot tub? We can remodel your deck so it can support a hot tub, and even build steps for easy access (you’re welcome!). As some of you may have noticed, Kansas isn’t exactly known for shady spaces. That’s why we have to create our own. Why not build a covered deck? We also have shading slats, ceiling fans and lighting options to make the outdoors feel more like home.

The Wichita Deck Remodelers at Southwestern Remodeling specialize in Redwood for our more traditional deck projects.

For our wilder projects, however, our designers use composite Azek Deck Boards. This cutting-edge technology allows us to push the boundaries of what a deck can accomplish, and makes even the most creatively ambitious projects possible. This is because Azek is one of the most sturdy and reliable materials in the industry! Contact the professional team at Southwestern Remodeling and view our portfolio of high-quality decks. Whether you need a remodel, addition, or a brand new deck, we have the talent to make it happen!