Wichita’s Remodeler Since 1970

Southwestern Remodeling has been making homes in southcentral Kansas better places to live. We are a locally owned and operated family business with over 40 full time employees. When you allow Southwestern Remodeling to become a part of your remodeling experience know that you are hiring professionals, with true expertise and dedication to service. We are ready to make your home improvement dreams become a reality!

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  • Community Involvment

    We don’t just rebuild homes, we also rebuild the community. Each year we give thousands of dollars back to the beautiful area in which we both work and live, Wichita.

  • Locally Owned Since 1970

    Southwestern Remodeling was founded in 1970 by Art Bryan as a one-man roofing and siding operation. The company has grown to over 35 full-time employees.

  • Qualified Remodeler

    Over the past 30 years, Southwestern Remodeling has been featured in numerous local and national publications, including the Qualified Remodeler.

  • A Rating With BBB

    Our professionalism extends far past construction. We are also certified members of many top remodeling and city organizations.

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